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We are a group of volunteers dedicated to what Child First Foundation stands for. Learn more about us and our vision. 

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Christian Peterson

President and Co-founder

Marlon Provence


Hady Simon


Ryan De Jongh


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Carolina Silva Vargas

General Coordinator

Jered Thode

Multimedia Producer

Aisheline Wallé

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External Support


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Our Vision

Our vision is to make sure that children can count on the active presence of both parents in their lives, in order to ensure a Mindful, Purposeful, Productive, Happy and Significant Life for all. With fathers being more often absent than desirable, we believe that by teaching both parents, fathers and mothers, and the society as a whole, about the importance of abiding to this specific universal children’s right of having an active relationship with their father (as well) in their lives, we give these children an unique opportunity to become World Class Citizens who will make a positive difference in this world and, as a result thereof, leave a beautiful legacy behind. 

We therefore plea for children to grow up enjoying their rights and live with both their mother and father actively present in their lives. We promote the adoption of policies and creation of infrastructures to engage both parents and society as a whole, in focusing on achieving the right environment for fathers to be actively present and involved in their children’s lives. This is especially important in cases where the father and the mother are no longer together in a relationship and children are abandoned and neglected by their father or in cases where their mother abusively prevents and blocks all possible contacts of the children with their father. 

Actively involved fathers that are supportive and affectionate improve a child’s cognitive and social development and instill an overall emotional wellbeing and self-confidence. 

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