For the third time Child First Foundation organised a walk ‘Kaminata Yu i Tata’ on Sunday 17 November 2019. With this yearly walk the foundation creates awareness about the importance of an actively involved father (figure) in the life of every child. The target of the foundation is to stimulate the positive active presence of fathers so that children can grow up to be succesful world citizens.

Board member and also father himself Ryan de Jongh gave the start signal on Sunday 17 November 2019 at 6 o’clock in the morning at the Social Security Bank SVB. The participants walked the 7 kilometers to the After School Academy of the foundation after which they were transported with buses back to the starting point where their cars werd safely parked. Many children participated in the walk, the smallest in carriages, to the After School Academy at the Nechi Pieters College in the Manhattanweg 6A in Buena Vista accompanied by their (step/foster)father, (step/foster)mother and other participants who value the rights of children high.

The benefit of the walk will be for the after school program of the After School Academy at the Manhattanweg 6a in Buena Vista. In this program the participating children can develop themselves into world citizens, who are aware of the purpose of their life and have a productive, happy and meaningful life.

At the After School Academy attention is given to healthy alimentation, agriculture, social emotional abilities, meditation, English, sport and expressive subjects like handcraft and music. Every month a Full Moon Meditation (FMM), a film evening (Sineba: film in the neighbourhood), and a day of silence and reflection (Kietut) are being organized.

Next year the walk ‘Kaminata Yu i Tata’, that is organized on the nearest Sunday to the international day of the rights of children, will be on Sunday 22 November 2019.

Child First Foundation is very grateful for the help it received from the participants, volunteers, professionals and companies that have given a contribution to this walk.

Special thanks go to: Fatima Albino and Kubuvi, the volunteers of the Volunteers Bank, the police KPC and the Unit of Special Permits, Johannes Bosco Foundation, Lorrie Kramers, Jinèsa Hato and the team of the SVB, Nu Capital, Vidanova Bank, Dusron Bouwbedrijf N.V., Pompstation Sta. Maria & 24 uur uit de muur, Grand Café Mahaai, De Jongh’s Sporthuis, El Grill & El Mexicano, dr. Pascal & Marika Sahoury, Sebier Attaf, Malaika Ignacio, Alejandro Kelly of Lover’s, Douglas Hollander of Bremar Agencies, Core N.V., Mr. Duarte of Esperamos Supermarket, ABC Busbedrijf, ORCO Bank, Multipost, Massy United, Elite Engineering, Banco di Caribe, APC, CHB, John Fayad of Panaderia Isa, Jan & Maritza Beaujon of Curaçao Pharmacal N.V., Dani’s Fruit Center, Ecovision N.V., Maxi Mex, Zuikertuintje Mall, Building Depot, Van den Tweel, Sambil and Mangusa. Rochelle Martijn and the exemplary youngsters of Padvinderij God’s Soldiers have provided the participants sufficient water during the walk.