Child First Foundation organizes a virtual concert without a live audience today, on Father’s Day from 7 to 8 PM. The concert is given to express gratitude and support to all who have helped and are still committed to helping another during this pandemic.

Various people and organizations have joined forces during this time of crisis to support society in different ways. Child First Foundation, which primarily stimulates active and engaged fatherhood, invests in the development of (future) world citizens who lead a Mindful, Purposeful, Productive, Happy and Significant Life. Gratitude is an essential element in achieving this.

The concert, Gratia Cantantes, is a beautiful performance of classical music and songs in Papiamentu, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Latin. The international tenor of Latin American origin José Luis Bracho together with Curaçao’s own Master tenor Kadir Snijder and our golden nightingale, the soprano singer Jasmin van Eeden, have brought together a beautiful composition of artists for the concert Gratia Cantantes. They shall sing with four wonderful younger artists, Kirsten Mare, Ma-eezja Martis,
Rebecca Devasia and Sensy Rondón. All young and promising Curaçao stars. The artists are accompanied musically by pianist Johnny Kleinmoedig and 21-year-old organist Djuvaldric Groenenberg, all artists from our own soil.

Child First Foundation invites everyone to enjoy this musical and artistic expression of gratitude tonight from 7 pm to 8 pm. The concert, Gratia Cantantes, will be accessible worldwide via a live stream on amongst others, the Child First Foundation Facebook page and will be broadcasted on all local TV channels, Nos Pais, TV Direct and Telecuraçao.