After an intensive campaign Child First Foundation has launched its Reading Buddies project on  September 23rd, 2019. Several volunteers have presented themselves to help children of Buena Vista with reading. The volunteers dedicate a minimum of one hour in a month to this project.

The project takes place at the After School Academy of Child First Foundation and Nechi Pieters College in Buena Vista. The pupils of the After School Academy receive an after school learning program that corresponds in a holistic manner with their specific needs every afternoon. The primary learning areas are voluntary work, social and emotional abilities, English, sport and expressive subjects like handcraft and drama. Beside these learning areas the pupils participate in different trainings and projects among other the Reading Buddy project.

Many children in Buena Vista have a big disadvantage in the area of reading compared to children of their age in other parts of the island and the kingdom. Furthermore, many cannot enjoy the support of their parents in the area of reading. Some parents don’t understand the language and a surprising amount of parents are analphabetic.

With the Reading Buddy project Child First Foundation strives to stimulate the pleasure of reading and to improve the language and reading development among the children. By reading the children discover more sides to a story and learn to imagine the emotions of the personalities. This has a positive effect on their social development and their interaction with others. Child First Foundation aims to create citizens who live a mindful, meaningful, productive, significant and happy life, also with this Reading Buddy project.

Child First Foundation, that primarily understands and stimulates the active involvement of fathers in the life of a child, invites everybody to present themselves and by doing so to contribute to the reading development of children. Especially business companies are cordially encouraged to support this program by enabling their workers to participate as volunteers.

To present yourself as Reading Buddy or for more information you can visit the FB page of Child First Foundation and call at +5999 737 7212. You can also send an e-mail at