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Child First Foundation is a non-profit organization founded on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao on November 2009.

Our vision is to make sure that children can count on the active presence of both parents in their lives, in order to ensure a Mindful, Purposeful, Productive, Happy and Significant Life for all. With fathers being more often absent than desirable, we believe that by teaching both parents, fathers and mothers, and the society as a whole, about the importance of abiding to this specific universal children’s right of having an active relationship with their father (as well) in their lives, we give these children an unique opportunity to become World Class Citizens who will make a positive difference in this world and, as a result thereof, leave a beautiful legacy behind. 

We therefore plea for children to grow up enjoying their rights and live with both their mother and father actively present in their lives. We promote the adoption of policies and creation of infrastructures to engage both parents and society as a whole, in focusing on achieving the right environment for fathers to be actively present and involved in their children’s lives. This is especially important in cases where the father and the mother are no longer together in a relationship and children are abandoned and neglected by their father or in cases where their mother abusively prevents and blocks all possible contacts of the children with their father. 

Actively involved fathers that are supportive and affectionate improve a child’s cognitive and social development and instill an overall emotional wellbeing and self-confidence. 

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The Issue

Currently, a large number of children are growing up without their father physically and/or emotionally actively present in their lives. This is an issue that we are dealing with locally and worldwide. Whether the motive is divorce, death or non-marital birth, research has shown that growing up with an absent father has various negative effects on the wellbeing of the child. It affects the child’s grades at school, resulting often in school dropout and unemployment or low-wage employment in the future. 

It also affects the child’s emotional wellbeing and behavior. Children miss structure and discipline growing up and tend to hold back their emotions, be more aggressive, lack social skills and they usually search for comfort in the wrong places. Unsupervised children grow up on the streets when single moms need to work from home and sometimes even doing double shifts trying in keeping two jobs to make ends meet. This leads to teenagers getting involved with vandalism and criminality, having addiction problems, landing in bad and abusive relationships and getting pregnant before reaching legal age and dropping out of school. This negative effect on the child’s own chances of successful relationships, leads to more fatherless children in the future.

As this large group of children is growing up with a lot of fear and anger, we end up in an angry and unhealthy society of people incapable of leading a Mindful, Purposeful, Productive, Happy and Significant Life. 

To emphasize this issue we share a quote by David Blankenhorn, author of Fatherless America and The Future of Marriage.

“Fatherlessness is the most harmful demographic trend of this generation. It is the leading cause of declining child and adult well-being in our society. It is also the engine driving our most urgent social problems. If this trend continues, fatherlessness is likely to change the shape of our society.” 

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The Solution

We believe that in order to tackle the main issue and achieve our purposes, we have to promote Education, Education, Education, Education and more Education. 

We are convinced that a positive change can be achieved if we join forces and put enough effort to create awareness and consciousness by fathers and mothers, and the society as a whole, that parenting by both father and mother is essential for children and beneficial to all. By combining this effort, with the introduction of Holistic -Soul, Mind and Body- All-Day School Education for children at an early stage, we guarantee that the generations to come will live up to this new reality where Dads, as well, are actively involved with their kids.

 The All Day School Program includes the teaching of English at an early age and spiritual, mental and physical development according to universal norms and values, to form behavior and character in a positive manner, preparing children to become First Class World Citizens, and the best possible fathers and mothers. 

 As a result, people will be aware of important issues that affect daily lives, such as our spiritual, mental and physical habits, which need to be sound for the sound functioning of society. Creating awareness about this Holistic Based -Soul, Mind and Body- Living Approach and activate people into actually practicing it, is a priority. 


Our projects focus on Learning the Power and Benefits of Forgiveness and Meditation, Understanding the Importance of Education and the English Language, Sparking Creativity through Exploration, Practicing Physical Exercise and Good Nutrition, and Complying with the Obligation of doing Voluntary Community Work. 

In the process we will achieve First Class World Citizens living Mindful, Purposeful, Productive, Happy and Significant Lives in an environment of wellbeing, wellness, good governance with co-operation and co-ordination between private sector and governmental institutions and services, improved quality of public governance, economic growth and prosperity. 

Our Approach follows three paths: 

  1. Creating and raising awareness and involvement of society through available media 
  2. After School Academy Holistic Program for children as of 4 years old
  3.  Providing Workshops, Lectures and Training for groups 

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