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We are a non-profit organization founded in the Dutch Caribbean

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Child First Foundation hosts a variety of educational and motivational events in Curaçao that are accessible to everyone.

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By partnering with Child First Foundation you will help to get the work done and make an impact in the lives of many children.

Our Founding Story

Child First Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao in November 2009.

Our vision is to make sure that every child can count on the presence of both parents (especially of the father) in their life, in order to ensure a mindful, meaningful, productive, significant and happy life. By teaching parents – and the society as a whole – about the importance of abiding to children’s rights and by providing holistic education to children at an early stage, we are giving these children an unique opportunity to become World Class Citizens who one day will make a positive difference in this world and, as a result thereof, leave a beautiful legacy behind.

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Volunteer Program

Become a reading buddy to one of our children, volunteer at an event or commit to an internship. We appreciate each and every helping hand. For more information, contact us at info@childfirst-foundation.com 


Join Our Events

Child First Foundation hosts a variety of educational and motivational events in Curaçao that are accessible to everyone. Join us at our next “Kietut” retreat, at a full moon meditation, or walk with us at the yearly “Kaminata Yu i Tata”. 

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As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of others to provide essential services to local children in need. Every dollar counts. 

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 A lot of hard work goes into creating the content we love to share with our CFF community. Our multimedia team has created a wide range of videos for you to browse and enjoy. Watch and learn about the different projects going on at CFF today!

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The Issue

Currently, a large number of children are growing up without their father physically and/or emotionally actively present in their lives. This is an issue that we are dealing with locally and worldwide. Whether the motive is divorce, death or non-marital birth, research has shown that growing up with an absent father has various negative effects on the wellbeing of the child. It affects the child’s grades at school, resulting often in school dropout and unemployment or low-wage employment in the future. 

It also affects the child’s emotional wellbeing and behavior. Children miss structure and discipline growing up and tend to hold back their emotions, be more aggressive, lack social skills and they usually search for comfort in the wrong places.

The Solution

We believe that in order to tackle the main issue and achieve our purposes, we have to promote education, education and more education. 

We are convinced that a positive change can be achieved if we join forces and put enough effort to create awareness and consciousness by fathers and mothers, and the society as a whole, that parenting by both the father and mother is essential for children and beneficial to all.

By combining this effort, with the introduction of Holistic -Soul, Mind and Body- All-Day School Education for children at an early stage, we guarantee that the generations to come will live up to this new reality where Dads, as well, are actively involved with their kids. 

Ongoing Projects

After School Academy

Creating World Citizens
On August 29th 2016, we started our first After School Academy at Kolegio Nechi Pieters in Buena Vista. CFF offers a holistic approach to education in which there is space for the spiritual, physical and mental development. An academy with classes in Meditation, Sports, Arts and English.

Multifunctional Center

Educating both children and adults in a more personal way at our education center, through workshops, educational movie (documentaries) nights and trainings.

Our foundation also helps fathers in need, who had their children taken away by their mothers unfairly, to get custody of their children back. We give them advice about the legal steps they should take and in some cases we also support them financially in order to pay for a lawyer.

2121 Live Atardi
We host a live interactive two hours daily radio program with call-ins from listeners, from Monday to Friday in the afternoon between 15:00 and 17:00 at Z-86 (AM 860) were we discuss weekly themes and topics that range from politics to other social and educational issues that affect the Curacao society with Invitees. 

Plans for the future

Our goal is to introduce Holistic Education into all schools worldwide. But we are starting first by expanding our After School Academy program into more neighborhoods of Curaçao. 

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News & Updates

Child First Foundation lanceert Project Reading Buddies

Child First Foundation lanceert Project Reading Buddies

Na een intensieve campagne heeft Child First Foundation haar project Reading Buddies op maandag 23 september 2019 gelanceerd. Verschillende vrijwilligers hebben zich aangemeld om kinderen van Buena Vista te helpen bij het lezen. De vrijwilligers besteden minimaal één uurtje per maand aan dit project.

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