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Welcome to Child First Foundation

We raise awareness on the importance of fathers being active in children’s lives

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By partnering with Child First Foundation you help to get the work done and make a meaningful impact in the lives of many children

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Child First Foundation hosts a variety of Empowerment Educational and Motivational Events for everyone

Our Founding Story

We are a Non-Governmental Organization (non-profit NGO) founded in the Dutch Caribbean in November 2009. We create awareness on the importance of children having their fathers actively present in their lives growing up.

Children have the right to an active relationship with their father and mother. Our vision is to make sure that children can count on the active presence of both parents in their lives. All children should grow up with both parents actively involved.

We have a special focus on fathers who, at present, are absent too often, in order to achieve a Mindful, Meaningful, Productive, Happy and Significant Life for their children. Fathers need to take on the responsibility of fatherhood and be present, and mothers need to create an environment for fathers to make that possible.

By educating parents and society as a whole about the importance of this specific children’s right, of children having an active relationship with both their father and mother, we are giving these children a unique opportunity to become World Class Citizens. Our children will one day make a positive difference in this world and, as a result thereof, be an active parent themselves and leave a beautiful legacy behind.

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Join Our Programs and Events

Child First Foundation hosts a variety of educational and motivational events in Curaçao that are accessible to everyone. Join us at our next “Kietut” retreat, at a full moon meditation, or walk with us at the yearly “Kaminata Yu i Tata”. 

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Become a reading buddy to one of our children, volunteer at an event or commit to an internship. We appreciate each and every helping hand. For more information, contact us at 


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As a non-profit organization, we rely completely on your generosity in order to finance our programs and events. Every dollar counts. 

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 A lot of hard work goes into creating the content we love to share with our CFF community. Our multimedia team has created a wide range of videos for you to browse and enjoy. Watch and learn about the different projects going on at CFF today!

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The Issue

Currently, a large number of children are growing up without their father physically and/or emotionally actively present in their lives. This is an issue that we are dealing with locally and worldwide. Whether the motive is divorce, death or non-marital birth, research has shown that growing up with an absent father has various negative effects on the wellbeing of the child. It affects the child’s grades at school, resulting often in school dropout and unemployment or low-wage employment in the future. 

It also affects the child’s emotional wellbeing and behavior. Children miss structure and discipline growing up and tend to hold back their emotions, be more aggressive, lack social skills and they usually search for comfort in the wrong places.

The Solution

We believe that in order to tackle the main issue and achieve our purposes, we have to promote education, education and more education. 

We are convinced that a positive change can be achieved if we join forces and put enough effort to create awareness and consciousness by fathers and mothers, and the society as a whole, that parenting by both the father and mother is essential for children and beneficial to all.

By combining this effort, with the introduction of Holistic -Soul, Mind and Body- All-Day School Education for children at an early stage, we guarantee that the generations to come will live up to this new reality where Dads, as well, are actively involved with their kids. 

Programs and Events

After School Academy

Creating World Citizens
In 2016 we started our first After School Academy in Curaçao, which offers a Holistic Approach Education Program for Spiritual, Mental and Physical development and growth. An Academy with classes in Empowerment, Meditation, English, Sports and Performing Arts. Our goal is to expand and introduce the After School Academy with our Holistic Approach Education Program worldwide and we are starting first by expanding our After School Academy Program into more neighborhoods of Curaçao and the Dutch Caribbean.

Educational Center (EC)

In our Educational Center we educate both children and adults in a more personal way, through workshops, educational movies (documentaries) presentations and interactive training sessions.

Our Foundation helps children, who had their fathers unfairly driven away by their mothers or in cases of reckless fathers who disappeared and remained absent, to get their fathers back in an active and healthy relationship with them.

We assist fathers and mothers with guidance and advice on the legal system, indicate possible steps that can be taken and mediate where needed in order for children to achieve an active relationship with their father.

Multimedia (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) 
We participate actively in (live) Radio and TV programs (with call-ins from listeners), in which we discuss themes and topics that range from politics to other social, cultural and educational issues related to the global pandemic of absent fathers. We use all other Social Media and Means at our disposal to get our message across in our effort to create awareness on the huge benefits of fathers being active in children’s lives.

Plans for the future

Our goal is to introduce Holistic Education into all schools worldwide. But we are starting first by expanding our After School Academy program into more neighborhoods of Curaçao. 

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